How it works

Investing in startups have never been easier

The Chipin startup marketplace

Chipin is a startup investment marketplace. Like an e-commerce store, we provide an exclusive space for sellers and buyers to meet each other. Providing an effective and efficient investment marketplace is our key factor. We create efficiency by removing intermediaries, and all transactions are traceable on a public ledger, demonstrating a high level of security and transparency.

How is this possible?

Chipin uses a specialized legal framework designed by our legal partners (Christian Teo & Partners). This framework has been proven to protect the rights of both buyer and seller.

Using distributed ledger technology, this framework allows investments to be divided into smaller pieces, digitised and represented as a digital asset which are tracked on a blockchain.

The ownership of these digital assets can be tracked in near-real time on an independent digital registry also known as block explorers.

What is a Chipin Unit?

A Chipin Unit is the digital assets which represents the economic rights of a share in a pre-IPO company. The unit is legally structured so that asset holders will receive the financial returns, equivalent to what the original owners of the shares get, minus certain applicable fees and expenses.

This framework allows everyone to access startup investment without the expensive capital commitments and legal expenses.

Unlike public companys which may payout dividends, private companies payout generally occurs at the trigger event which is usually when the company goes public (IPO).

See your investment return using our investment calculator.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I need to invest?

Your minimum amount to start investing is only Rp 100.000.

How to join Chipin?

You can simply register on the main page to join Chipin, click Register and then enter your full name, your active email, and we will ask you a few questions in order to create an investment portfolio that suits your needs. Do not forget to prepare your E-KTP photo and your selfie photo while holding the E-KTP to approve the account. After the account is verified, you can deposit the balance to invest in the Chipin Unit.

Is there an app available for Chipin?

Yes, the Chipin app is available on iOS and Android. You'll be able to access it once you've started investing with us.

Can I sell my Chipin Unit?

Yes, every buyer who has bought a Chipin Unit can sell it through the Chipin Secondary Trading Platform.

Can I withdraw the money in the Chipin Balance

Yes, the Chipin Balance you have can be withdrawn at any time. You can also sell it and the amount you get is in the form of Chipin balance. You can also withdraw the Chipin Balance directly from the bank account.

What rights do I have from this investment contract?

When you invest in Chipin, you will get the right to economic benefits that shareholders will have. Generally, investors do not have voting rights in the underlying company. This means you will not be bothered to attend company events or attend private company shareholder meetings such as the AGM (Annual General Meeting) or EGMS (Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders).