Investment Simulator

Understand how your investment yields based on different investment terms.

Unlike public companies which may payout dividends, private companies payout generally occurs at the trigger event which is usually when the company goes public (IPO), is acquired or goes bankrupt.

While no one can predict which companies will become unicorns, this calculator can help you simulate potential outcomes.

Valuations and outcomes are calculated in USD as majority of startups use this for valuation purposes.

Investment value:

When you invest Rp 1Mil in a startup, your investment would be valued at approximately USD 16Bil


The valuation of the startup which you invested in is at USD 10Mil.


If the trigger event happens, your investment is paid to you in the form of cash.

Your investment converts to:

Rp 5,000,000

(5x ROI)

What is investment value?

Investment value is the amount of money an investor would pay for investment and it reflects the value of an asset to its owner.


What is valuation?

Valuation in startup means the value that represents the company business. Valuation also describe making reference to measure how big a company's business potential.


What is outcome?

Outcome is the value of company when the liquidation event happens. It is either listed on the stock exchange (IPO) or acquired.