About Chipin

Revolutionizing access through our technology, data, and relationships

Who we are

Chipin is Indonesia's first online investment marketplace for startups and growth stage private companies. Chipin was founded in 2018 with the mission to revolutionize financial inclusion driven by the vision of creating a more accessible investment landscape for everyone.

Created by industry professionals with decades of collective experience in asset management, private equity, venture, technology wizards and capital markets. We are passionate about providing new innovative investment experiences through our technology, data and relationships.

Why we're doing this

More and more companies and startups are staying private longer — a trend which is continuing. This creates a liquidity problem as early stage investors are locked up with illiquid assets — while new investors are unable to get access.

Twenty years ago we used to see companies go public during their growth stage, providing investors with returns upwards of 1000x. But now the public multiple is less than 10x.

Growth stage value representation

We believe liquidity creates equal opportunities for both seasoned investors and general public. This is why we created Chipin — a marketplace where buyers and sellers can meet and transact with minimum costs and hassle. Partnering with top tier law firms and our network of experienced partners — we have built a framework combining both innovative legal and cutting-edge technology such as blockchain to make this possible.

Because we also believe that only with continuous access to liquidity can the startup ecosystem continue to sustain this rapid pace of growth.

Our partners

Our vision is only made possible with the help of our supporting network and partners.

Who we are

We're a team of founders and investors, builders and leaders — driven with a single goal.

William Tedy

Chief Executive Officer

William started his professional career as a trader in JP Morgan Australia, where he was picked to be a portfolio manager at Shaw & Partners.

Andrew Lau

Chief Technology Officer

Andrew founded his first tech company at the age of 16 with his first successful exit two years later. His experience includes over nine years in cloud computing and two years in blockchain venture capital markets

Marcheline Darmawi

Chief Financial Officer

Marcheline graduated from University of New South Wales in Actuarial Science and Finance. She started her career in Actuarial at AXA financial before joining Chipin.

Andrew Adjiputro


After graduating from Cornell University in 2010, Andrew spent most of his career in the Finance industry. He started his career in Investment Banking at Citibank, before moving to Northstar (Private Equity) as a Vice President.

Ricardo Pratiwiharja

Compliance Officer

Ricardo holds a MBA and Bachelor in Computer Science from UC San Diego. He has experienced for more than 10 years in this field. Ricardo is now currently advises numerous businesses and IT startups.

Jeffry Senduk

Legal Counsel

After completing his Master of Laws from Stanford, Jeffry spent most of his career specialising in corporate and commercial law. He recently advised a large Indonesian startup on an acquisition with Makarim.


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